Vittorio Alfieri

Vittorio Alfieri ( born January 17, 1749 Asti, † October 8, 1803 in Florence ) was an Italian poet and playwright in the age of Enlightenment.

Its strictly formal, classical tragedies were imbued with the republican idea of ​​freedom of the late 18th century, and his abhorrence of all forms of tyranny. This had the works of this reconnaissance great influence on the Italian liberation movement of the 19th century, the Risorgimento. He is regarded as the inventor of Tramelogödie.


  • 22 tragedies, including Antonio e Cleopatra (1775 ), Filippo (1783 ) and Sofonisba (1789 ).
  • Comedies, sonnets and satires.
  • Vita di Vittorio Alfieri. Rizzoli, Milan, 1987, ISBN 88-17-16593- X ( autobiography).
  • Opere. Casa d' Alfieri, Asti 1981 et seq (40 vols ).
  • From the tyranny. Translated by Henry Schweitzer, Zwickau 1822 ( first German Üb, first printed in 1789 in Kehl ), 2 ribbons.
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