SA d' Automobiles Vivinus, previously studios Vivinus SA, was a Belgian manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

The engineer Alexis Vivinus (1860-1929) and Jacques de Liedekerke founded in 1899 in Schaerbeek / Schaerbeek the company Ateliers Vivinus SA. The production of automobiles began. The brand name was Vivinus. In 1911 the company went into liquidation and was renamed SA d' Automobiles Vivinus. At the same time Alexis Vivinus left the company. 1912 production ended. Fabrique Automobile Belge began production continued under his own name.

Rolling stock

From 1899 to 1901 152 copies of the first model came with a single-cylinder engine. From 1900 came the models 7 and 9 CV CV with two-cylinder engines. 1901, a further model was produced, the single-cylinder engine with 638 cm ³ capacity came from De Dion -Bouton. From 1902 to 1906, the Model 15/18 CV, also La Routière was called, produced with a four cylinder engine. From 1907 to 1912, four different four-cylinder models were offered: Type A 24/30 HP with 4156 cc, Type L 22/ 28 hp ³ 3742 cm displacement, Type N 20/24 HP, 3500 cm ³ displacement and Type O 12/14 HP with 2799 cc. In 1910 there was the Type P 10/12 HP with 1944 cc capacity to do so.

Two vehicles of the type 7 CV can be seen in the car museums in Leuze -en -Hainaut and Gjern in Denmark.