Viza is an American band from Los Angeles with influences of different music styles.


The music of Viza merges the middle eastern rhythms with the modern and steeped in Armenian and Greek traditions. Mainly we speak of the genre " Experimental Rock "


Founded in 2004 two members of the band Neurobox, K'noup Tomopoulos (vocals, guitar) and Hiram Rosario ( drums), the band Viza (previously Visa). However, the first project ideas harbored K'noup already in 2000. During the course of time, Viza has developed into a nine -piece band. K'noups voice is accompanied by the sounds of Duduks, played by the grandson of the world famous Dudukspielers Dschiwan Gasparjan. The band members are of Armenian, Greek, Japanese, Lebanese and Spanish descent. The band is at their own label Architects of Melody under contract.

On May 6, 2013 Chris Daniel announced on Facebook his departure from the band: ". I have Decided to no longer be a part of Viza due to personal and creative differences"

Band name

The name derives from the Viza Engl. Name for " visa" (Latin for " what is seen " ) and is referred to by the band as an audio passport ( Engl. Hörpass ). The name emphasizes the multicultural aspect of the band and the range of music.


  • 2005: Visa E. P.
  • 2006: Maktub
  • 2007: De Facto
  • 2008: Eros
  • 2009: Made in Chernobyl
  • 2011: Carnivalia
  • 2014: Aria