A Visual Jockey ( VJ ) is a video artist in the context of musical events ( parties, concerts, etc.). He extending the audio performance (eg a DJ ) to provide a visual component. He makes use of computer technology ( 2D-/3D-Animationen, VJ software, etc. ) and / or analog video technology and generates its visuals in real time on a display medium ( TV, monitor, projector, etc.).

Concept of origin and deferrals

The abbreviation VJ developed based on the concepts of the Disc Jockey (DJ ) and the Light Jockeys (LJ). Not to be confused is the visual jockey with the video jockey. Taking place in television music program presenters activity of a video jockeys differs significantly from the artistic performance of a Visual Jockeys.

Especially in the VJ stronghold Vienna there will be a debate on the name of the VJ's for several years. To spread here more and more the name Visualist. On one hand, for better defining what the Video Jockey, but on the other hand, to describe new trends in the scene. So the tendency is recently more and more towards live content generation. In contrast to classical VJ, which relies on existing material ( in the form of video clips, animations, photos, etc.) in live action, the Visualist the material generated during the operation in real time. It uses so-called generative software.

VJ as a profession

It is a relatively young profession, which was created only through the development of related technologies (especially beamers and PC graphics ) at the beginning of the 1990s. To date, there is (still) not have its own training program with the completion of visual jockey, but mostly an artistic, freelance work is available, which also requires technical skills in addition to visual creativity.


For VJing developed specifically for their needs software can be used.

  • AVmixer Pro
  • ArKaos GrandVJ
  • ArKaos Media Master Express or Pro
  • Balthers Graphic Groove Box
  • Cell DNA ( Livid Instruments)
  • Creobox
  • ES -X
  • Eve -0.3
  • Flow Motion
  • Kazetachi AD ( Blow)
  • LiVES
  • LIVID Union
  • Mix_O_tron
  • Max / MSP / Jitter
  • Modul8
  • MXWendler Stage Designer
  • Pixel Mixer
  • Pixmix
  • Quartonian VSM
  • Resolume
  • Shiner
  • Show Jockey
  • Soyuz
  • Sweetbox
  • Text Machine 3D V6
  • TouchViz
  • VDMX
  • Veejay
  • Ventuz
  • Video Delic 1.0
  • Vip5.0
  • VJAMM3
  • VJamm Blueprint
  • Vjay
  • VVVV
  • Whorld
  • WIMP Pro


  • Korg Kaoss Pad Entrancer
  • Korg Kaptivator
  • Video Bass