VK Jug

The VK Jug Dubrovnik (short: Jug ) CO is a water polo club from Dubrovnik. The abbreviation CO as an adjunct on behalf of the club is the main sponsor Croatia osiguranje. The UK in the name stands for vaterpolski club Jug (German Water Polo Club South).


The club was founded in 1923. Enjoys water polo since the highest sporting significance in Dubrovnik's sport. A comprehensive youth work and the professional environment have made ​​Jug - measured by the number of trophy - made ​​the most successful water polo club in the world. The abode is the completely remodeled water polo and swimming stadium in the district of Dubrovnik- Gruž, which has a sliding roof and can accommodate more than 2,500 spectators.


Already during the first Yugoslav League belonged to the VK Jug of the top clubs that Europe could also achieve great success. Today, he is still in front of the capital club VK Mladost Zagreb the most successful team in Croatia. The championships of the first Croatian Water Polo League ( Polska Liga 1 father ) and the cup competition in recent years, will be held under these two teams.

6 players of the World Champion of Melbourne in 2007, the Croatian national team, belonged to the squad of Jug.

7 players of the Olympic champion of London 2012, the Croatian national team, belonged to the squad of Jug.

In the 2008 /09 season was established alongside the national championship with the Adriatic Water polo League a national league.

Successful season

In 2006, the club was able to win all sorts of triumphs with the national championship, the national cup, the Euro League of Champions and the European Super Cup.


Players (selection)

  • Hrvoje Kačić
  • Lovro Štakula
  • Luka Ciganović
  • Antonio Milat
  • Slobodan Trifunović
  • Đuro Savinović
  • Luko Vezilić
  • Bosko Lozica
  • Bozo Vuletic
  • Veselin Đuho
  • Goran Sukno
  • Ognjen Kržić
  • Elvis Fatovic
  • Tamas Molnar