VK Mobile

VK Mobile is a Korean mobile and batteries manufacturer that was originally founded for the production of batteries 1997 and 2001, its activities spread to mobile phones and mobile technology.

Company History

VK Mobile was founded in September 1997 as a Viable Korea and received in October of the same year an exclusive contract with Samsung for the manufacture of lithium - polymer batteries. With the PCS Phone comes in April 1998 is the first phone on the market that is equipped with a battery produced by them. The first lithium polymer batteries are shipped in May 2000.

In October 2000, they will be listed first in the KOSDAQ ( 048 760 ).

In September 2001, they expand their reach into the mobile and provide the first GSM handsets to Hong Kong, where they open in March 2002, their first overseas office VK Telecom ( HK) and rename it to VK Corporation. In the same month they also get the market approval for China to open up there a few months later a production facility and offices. In June 2002, a first extension to the European market - to Italy.

In January 2003, they purchase the first license for telecommunications handsets from the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute ( ETRI ) and set in December of the same year her first CDMA Handset - VK100 - before.

Vodafone is a first major consumer of mobile phones in February 2004. In March, the foundation of VK Mobile USA, Inc. will follow in the United States. In July, they take the lead in the list of company 's fastest growing Korea.

On July 7, 2006 VK Mobile filed for bankruptcy after they could no longer pay due to an aggressive marketing strategy and currency fluctuations liabilities of 1.78 billion won. Through a cash injection by the South Korean government and a large order of Motorola but this could be averted. However, part of the workforce had to be dismissed. Production was reduced to one third.


The most prominent product of VK Mobile VK2000 is, an extremely flat and small GSM mobile device that has received the Red Dot Design Award in 2006.