The SZD- series ВЛ80 ( transcribed WL80 ) is a 50 Hz alternating current, designed for 25 kV double locomotive of the SZD and its successor company RŽD for freight. The abbreviation BЛ (WL ) stands for the initials of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

The series was built during more than thirty years in various modification levels that differ by an attached to the basic type letter. In total over four thousand locomotives ВЛ80 have left the factory Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive. In the mechanical part corresponds to the locomotive of direct current locomotive of the SZD series ВЛ10.

Series and Modifkationsstufen

  • ВЛ80 ( translit. WL80 ): first series, which was originally equipped with a mercury vapor rectifier and was later converted to silicon bridge rectifier.
  • ВЛ80K ( translit. WL80K, rus. Кремниевые полупроводниковые выпрямител ) The built 1963-1971 modification level is equipped with silicon bridge rectifier and improved secondary suspension, were built by the 695 piece.
  • ВЛ80T ( translit. WL80T, rus. Тормоз for brake) From 1967, this was built with electric resistance brake, left the work of the up to the year 1984, 1317 locomotives.
  • ВЛ80P ( translit. WL80R, rus. Рекуперативное торможение ) When equipped with regenerative brakes type rectifiers were replaced by DC chopper. The infinitely variable traction control and regenerative braking made ​​these units particularly suitable for use on the mountain ranges in the Caucasus and in the east of Siberia. Until 1986 373 pieces in this series were built.
  • ВЛ80C ( translit. WL80S, rus. Cсистеме многих единиц, abgek. СМЕ ) This series was built from 1979 to 1995 in 2746 units. It is numerically the largest series and has a multiple unit control.
  • ВЛ80CM ( translit. WL80SM ) was an attempt to modernize the ВЛ80C after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Only four were built, all of which are assigned to the depot Bataisk.

In addition to the series listed above, the following locomotives were developed which were never sufficiently mature for mass production:

  • ВЛ80а: Variant with asynchronous motors
  • ВЛ80б: Variant with bra -less DC traction motors
  • ВЛ80вр: variant of ВЛ80б with regenerative braking
  • ВЛ81: variant of ВЛ80 with vollabgefederten traction motors and Tiefzuganlenkung the bogies
  • ВЛ84: from the ВЛ81 advanced eight-axle double locomotive, which should replace the ВЛ80.


The locomotive consists of two autonomous locomotive halves, which are operated in multiple unit control. The ВЛ80C series also enables operation of three and four sections. Some ВЛ80P were supplied with three sections.

Each Lokhälfte is supported by two identical bogies with welded frame. The primary suspension is designed with leaf and coil springs. The tensile force of the two Tatztlagermotoren type TED NB- 418K6 is transmitted through the pivots of bogie. The traction motors are provided at both shaft ends with transmissions that have a translation of 1:5,176.

The locomotive body Lokhälfte each is equipped with a pantograph above the cab and a main switch. In the box you will find the transformer, the two rectifier and the tap changer ECG 8G. The locomotives of the series ВЛ80P two DC-DC converter VIP -2200 are installed instead of the last two devices.

The auxiliaries are supplied via a phase splitter with three-phase current. The voltage of the auxiliary winding operations can be controlled by a manually operated high voltage on transformer in three stages, so that the three-phase system in the range of 19 kV to 29 kV is supplied catenary voltage under nominal load of 380 volts.

The control circuits are powered via a transformer with Regulierwicklung, followed by a diode bridge and smoothing reactors with 50 volts.

The tap changer ECG 8G has 30 normally closed switching contacts and four Circuit Breakers. The drive of the tap changer is carried out with a 50 V DC motor, having a power of 550 watts. About two switching coils prevent overcurrents when switching the stages.


The railway companies of the successor states of the Soviet Union took over the locomotives of the SZD. They carry the following designations:

  • Russia: RŽD ВЛ80
  • Belarus: BC УЛ80
  • Ukraine: UZ ВЛ80
  • Kazakhstan: KTZ ВЛ80
  • Uzbekistan: UTY ВЛ80