Vladimir Bakaleinikov

Vladimir Romanovich Bakaleinikoff ( Владимир Романович Бакалейников, Vladimir Romanovich Bakaleinikov; * 21 Septemberjul / October 3 1885greg in Moscow, .. † November 5, 1953 in Pittsburgh ) was an American violist, conductor and composer of Russian origin.

The son of clarinetist Roman Bakaleinikoff came in 1926 with his wife in the United States. The following year he became principal violist and assistant to the conductor Fritz Reiner at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Since 1938 he was conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, where he was the first teacher of Lorin Maazel. He published in 1938 the textbook Elementary Rules of Conducting for Orchestra, Band and Chorus and 1943 memoirs under the title Записки музыканта ( Notes of a Musician). As a composer, he stepped out with mostly chamber music. Even his brothers Nikolai, Mikhail ( Misha ) and Constantin became known as composers.


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  • Man
  • Born 1885
  • Died in 1953
  • Violist
  • Conductor
  • American composer
  • Music teacher