Vladimir Jurko Glaser

Life and work

He studied in Zagreb and was there in 1953 his doctorate with a dissertation, which he had made in the group of Werner Heisenberg in Göttingen. He was there part of the group around Harry Lehmann, Kurt Symanzik, Wolfhart Zimmermann, who developed the LSZ formalism. Glaser led the department from 1955 Rudjer Boskovic Institute on Theoretical Physics in Zagreb. From 1957 he was in the Theory Division at CERN. He was there the leading mathematical physicists.

He published in 1955 an early monograph in Quantenlelektrodynamik ( in Croatian), one of the first books on modern quantum electrodynamics at all. He dealt with mathematical quantum field theory and from the early 1960s with analytic continuation of S-matrix elements in quantum field theory such as the derivation of dispersion relations for the treatment of high-energy Nukleonstreuung. He has worked with French physicists such as Henri Epstein ( later in the IHES ) and Jacques Bros together, he met in 1961 at a lecture in Paris.

He also dealt mathematically with the Schrödinger equation and the Thirring model in quantum field theory. Most recently, he was concerned with spin glasses.

He developed with Henri Epstein 1973, a new mathematical treatment of perturbation theory in quantum field theory (causal perturbation theory ). They realized that the reasons for the divergence in the perturbation series of relativistic quantum field theories was caused by naive multiplication of distributions and found a way to avoid this by using specific causal distributions. Originally they only treated the case of scalar particles, the method has been but later extended to higher spin and gauge theories.


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