Vladimir Safronov

Vladimir Konstantinovich Safronov (Russian: Владимир Константинович Сафронов, born December 29, 1934 in Ulan- Ude, † December 26, 1979 in Moscow) was a Soviet boxer. He was Olympic champion in 1956 in Melbourne featherweight.


Vladimir Safronov grew up in Ulan- Ude and began at the age of 13 years with the boxes. His first coach was A. Rinchinow. He belonged to the sports organization " Trud " and became one of the best boxer in the featherweight of the Far East. In 1956 he finished in the championship of the RSFSR ( Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic =, comparable to the present-day Russia), featherweight 3rd place. He was then invited to the preparatory course for the Soviet national team of boxers for the Olympic Games in Melbourne. He left here with the responsible trainer Ogurenkow and Tscherbakow such a good impression that he was employed in Melbourne for an injury not start itself being multiple Soviet featherweight champion Alexander Fedossejewitsch Sassuchin. In Melbourne, the completely unknown Vladimir Safronov surprised the whole professional world. He defeated one after Agostino Cossia from Italy, Andre de Souza from France, Henryk Niedzwiecki from Poland and in the final battle Thomas Nicholls from the UK to points, was Olympic champion in the featherweight.

Vladimir Safronov had thus accomplished something completely unusual. He was practically the beginning of his international career Olympic gold medalist. How should he repeat this success. This problem he had actually fight in his future career, although he must certify that he always fought for further success.

1957 Vladimir Safronov moved from Ulan -Ude to Moscow, joined the Red Army an un became a member of CSKA Moscow. There L. Sokolov was to be the new coach. In 1957, he was then employed at the European Championships in Prague at featherweight. He won in Prague on Rovi de Rooij of the Netherlands and Jimmy Gibson from Scotland on points, but lost in the semifinals against Dimitar Velinow from Bulgaria on points. He thus won a European Championship bronze medal.

Only in 1958 Vladimir Safronov took first at the Soviet Championship part He defeated it in the finals of the featherweight Boris Nikanorow on points and won with the win, his first Soviet title. He started in 1958 nor in the first championship of the Warsaw Pact armies in Leipzig and won there in the featherweight.

In 1959, he was neither at the Soviet Championship, yet at the European Championships at the start. In 1960, he finished at the Soviet Championship only the 5th place, because he lost on points in the quarterfinals against Stanislav Stepanovich Stepaschkin. It was the same to him at the Soviet Championship in 1961. He lost again in the quarter-finals of the featherweight, this time against the veteran Alexei Sasuschin he had in 1956 so successfully represented. But in 1961 he won at the 2nd championship of the Warsaw Pact armies in Sofia. In featherweight he defeated Heinz Schulz from the GDR on points.

In 1962, Vladimir Safronov succeeded the second title win at a Soviet championship. He managed to play in the final victory over Alexei Sasuschin. Even in the Soviet Cup in 1963 Vladimir Safronov went back to the start. He lost it against Stanislav Stepaschkin, the 1964 Olympic champion, just on points and took second place. His last major tournament was the participation in the 4th championship of the Warsaw Pact armies in Łódź. There he failed to win this tournament for the third time, because he lost in the final against Poland Jan Szczepanski on points.

1964 ended Vladimir Safronov, the man started his career with an Olympic gold medal, his international career boxers. He was unconventional in his future life, because he studied at the Art Academy in Irkutsk painting and became an artist.

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