Vladislaus I, Duke of Bohemia

Vladislav I (* 1070, † April 12, 1125 ) was from 1109 to 1117 and from 1120 to 1125 the ruling prince of Bohemia from the Přemyslovci.

Vladislav reign was marked by struggles for power in Bohemia. He promoted Catholicism and colonization in his territory. He and his wife Richenza founded in western Bohemia in the field of Choden 1112 the monastery Plasy and 1115 the monastery Kladruby, these populated by monks of the Cistercian Order, and endowed the latter for the maintenance of property transfers in northern Bohemia in Czech- Aicha ( Cesky Dub) in the vicinity of Sorbs. Part of the local nobility, under the leadership of his brother Soběslav, he drove to Poland, from where the group constantly trying to bring about a change of power in Bohemia. His reign was under pressure from the Margrave of Austria interrupted by the reign of his brother Bořivoj II. 1112 Vladislav married the German Rixa ( Richenza ) by Berg, daughter of Swabian Count Henry of Berg- Schelkingen Vladislav was thus related by Duke Bolesław III. Wrymouth of Poland, who was married to Salomea of mountain. 1114 he also appeared as Erzmundschenk at the imperial court. In 1121 he built the early 12th century ruined castle in the Margraviate of Meissen Dohna again.


Richenza and he had children:

  • Vladislav II (1110-1174), Duke (later King ) of Bohemia
  • Diepoldsberg I ( † 1167 ), Duke of Jamnitz
  • Heinrich ( † after 1169 )
  • Svatava ( † after 1146 ), married Count Friedrich III. of Diessen