Vlastislav (Litoměřice District)

Vlastislav ( German Watislaw ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It belongs to the Okres Litoměřice.


The place is located in 284 m asl in the valley of Modla ( Model) in the Bohemian Central Mountains. It is located 3 km northwest of the city Trebenice and is dominated by the striking keep of the castle Skalka. At the edge of the wide valley rise the cone of the mountain, that carry the Kostal, Oltářík and Ostry the remains of castles. To the north- east joins the local situation Skalka ( Skalken ) of the neighboring Sutom to, on the southeast and Dřinek Teplá and in the southwest Chrastná.


Archaeological finds have a first settlement of the area after the Paleolithic. In the fertile valley agriculture was operated since the Neolithic period. Since 400 BC Celtic settlers of the La Tène culture were located here. About the 6th century, the area was inhabited Slavic. In the chronicle of Cosmas of Prague Chronica Boemorum is from the legendary Lutschanenfürsten Vlastislav, even Vladislav says, who built a castle in the 9th century. This was north of Vlastislav on the hills, in archeological digs its foundation walls could be found.

The first mention of Vlastislav dates from 1184th From the scattered settlement a regular village developed around the 13th century. In the early 14th century west of the village was built on a basalt rock the castle Skalka, which was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War in 1639 by the Swedes. Below the ruins erected Antonio della Porta at the end of the 17th century, a baroque palace, addressed the participants and a landlord farming.

1792 was built north of the village on the Modla a chapel of St. John of Nepomuk. Below the chapel formerly known by Pentecost pilgrimages arises one of the sources of Modla. Occasionally, therefore, the model is called a meadow as a source of Modla. The old lime trees surrounded Chapel Svatopluk Čech inspired, the parts of his work wrote in Skalken Castle In the shade of lime.

The inhabitants lived mainly from agriculture. In addition to agriculture played in the village due to its location in the " Garden of Bohemia " and the fruit growing a large role. On the farm Skalken cattle breeding. Even today in Skalka a cattle stall system. The historic farm buildings of the estate are in decline. Opposite is a property of the Czech Fire Department administration.

In 2001, the congregation bought the castle and began in 2002 with gradual rehabilitation. The second floor is used for exhibitions on local history and a gallery.

Community structure

For the community Vlastislav no districts are reported. To Vlastislav the settlement Chrastná ( Chrastney ) and the monolayer Skalka include ( Skalken ).

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Christoph Schönborn, Cardinal, (* 1945 in Skalken )