VM reactor

WM- reactor (Russian ВМ ) describes a series of Soviet pressurized water reactors, which are used to power submarines.

Type series

In pairs, the WM -A reactors were installed in the first nuclear-powered Soviet submarines of projects 627, 658 and 659/675. You make per 70 MWth at a uranium enrichment of 21%.

The WM -4 has an output of 90 MWth and was in the submarines of projects 667A ( identifier for the complex with two reactors here: OK -700), 670 ( a reactor: OK- 350) and 671 (two reactors: OK -300 with 75 MWth) installed. Project 667B wore the modified WM -4-2 ( also OK -700).

From WM -5M only one reactor was used in the only boat of Project 661. He made 177 MWth. The degree of enrichment of uranium used is unknown.