The abbreviation stands for VM:

  • Macau to the ICAO code
  • Molar volume
  • Valuta Mark
  • Transport Company of Central Hesse GmbH, a transport company in Hessen
  • Traffic Master
  • Transport Minister
  • Transportation Legal Notices, a legal journal from the Traffic Law
  • Veronica Mars, a television series from the USA
  • Vinzenz Murr, a South German butcher shop chain
  • Viral marketing
  • Virtual machine
  • Virtual Memory
  • People's Navy in the GDR
  • Full metal jacket bullet type for a name
  • V- man, known as steward of the investigating authorities, popularly known pejoratively known as spy
  • VM Exclusive Vehicle, former German automobile manufacturer
  • VM Mono Place, a named after its designer VIGLIELMO Matozza Formula 1 car of 1954
  • VM Motori, an Italian diesel engine manufacturer
  • Z / VM, an operating system for IBM mainframe series

VM as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Worcester
  • Moldova: only with numbers: inch
  • Slovakia: export number plates (yellow Features: second group of letters )
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