VMF Karelia

The HK WMF Karelija (Russian Хоккейный клуб Военно - Морской Флот Карелия ) is a Russian ice hockey club from Kondopoga. The abbreviation stands for WMF Voyenno - Morskoi Flot, ( German: Russian naval fleet ). The team plays in the Wysschaja Hockey League and bear its home games at the Ice Palace Kondopoga. The club colors are blue and white.


The club was founded in 2008 as HK WMF Saint Petersburg and relocated in July 2013 after Kondopoga and accordingly renamed HK WMF Karelija. In the 2013/14 season the team finished in 25th and penultimate place and thus did not qualify for the playoffs themselves.

The HK WMF Karelija acts as a farm team of the KHL participant SKA Saint Petersburg.