VMF stands for:

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary see # studying
  • Association of medical professions, a trade union in the medical field
  • Association of brand-independent fleet management company
  • Marine Fighter Squadron, part of the numbering of aircraft squadrons of the U.S. Marine Corps
  • The transliteration of Russian ВМФ ( Военно - Морской Флот, " Voenno - Morskoj Flot ", in German "war -sea fleet " ), which, as referred to the Soviet Navy and the Russian Navy.
  • Virðisbrævamarknaður Føroya, the Faroese Securities Market
  • Verenigde Machinefabrieken Stork Werkspoor, a former Dutch automotive and engineering company, see Werkspoor
  • A file format of the hammer editor ( Valve map files )
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