VNA is an abbreviation for:

  • Vector Network Analyzer, Network Analyzer is used in electronics, communications engineering, and especially in the high-frequency technology
  • Very- narrow- aisle, see material handling equipment for narrow aisles in bay warehouses
  • Very Nearly Almost, a London Urban Art Magazine
  • Vietnam ( ese ) News Agency, a Vietnamese News Agency
  • Registered share, represents a special form of registered share represents, see names share # Vinkulierte_Namensaktie
  • Virtual retinal display, a display technology that draws a raster image directly onto the retina of the eye
  • Virus- neutralizing antibody, virus neutralizing antibodies
  • Von Neumann architecture, non-parallel computer architecture

Vnà stands for:

  • Vnà (originally Mna, dt formerly Manas ), a village in the Lower Engadin, in the Swiss canton of Graubünden
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