VnK Railway

The vnk - track was or is a railway line in Berlin, joined the Berlin Stadtbahn in Rummelsburg with the Eastern Railroad in Kaulsdorf. The abbreviation stands for connection according Kaulsdorf, even after connection Kuestrin or to and from Kaulsdorf or Kuestrin are common interpretations. The western part of the route is still in operation. This single-track, electrified railway section connecting the city with the Berlin outer ring.


After the closure of the old Berlin Ostbahnhof in 1882, a compound of Eastern Railway with the light rail was required. A grade separated junction at the present station east cross where separate both routes, however, was not possible because it did not allow the court. Therefore, the line was only two and a half kilometers further along the unthreaded Niederschlesisch - Märkischen train in the amount of steam trains Rummelsburg. The eight -kilometer route now skirted the Lichtenberg station. She stood from the January 29, 1901 for passenger traffic, primarily for the long-distance trains, are available.

After the Second World War accounted for as a result of new boundaries with the long-distance transport throughout Poland. The passenger trains heading east began in Strausberg or in Berlin- Lichtenberg and no longer used the vnk route.

Even with the opening of the first section of road outer ring ( GAR ) on 31 December 1940, a 1.2 km long connecting curve for vnk route, the so-called grave jump curve emerged. She won after the war in importance as the leading northward track of the GAR had been degraded as reparations for a year 1947-1948. 1948, short-term trials, with a passenger railcars from Berlin- Grunau train station from the GAR, the grave jump curve and the eastern part of the vnk route to Berlin -Kaulsdorf to establish. At the junction of the grave jump curve of the vnk track this was a temporary breakpoint. The traffic was however discontinued after a few months.

In the fall of 1966, the section between the two branches was decommissioned and from the outer ring. The eastern section of the route was converted in 1969 as part of a connecting track from the outer ring from south to Kaulsdorf to the branch line. After the redesign of the Berlin outer ring in the early 1970s on Biesdorfer Cross created a connection to the Eastern Railway. Thus, the eastern section of vnk - line was unnecessary. On April 1, 1978, the last train ride took place, immediately the track in the grave throw curve and the vnk - route to Kaulsdorf was dismantled.

From 1985 to 1988, the current subway line was built on the former railway line 5 after Honow.

The western section of the course Rummelsburg outer ring, however, remained in operation and served the traffic from Berlin Ostbahnhof via the outer ring to the north. After re-opening of the Berlin Stadtbahn 1998 Regional Express and long-distance lines of the Berlin Stadtbahn were performed mainly towards Stralsund via this route. After the opening of the new north -south route through Berlin in May 2006 underlined the importance of vnk route took off. In 2009 it is only by a night train pair ( City Night Line) Munich -Berlin- Lichtenberg and used by a pair of trains Potsdam Szczecin as well as for transfer trips.