Vnukovo Airlines

Vnukovo Airlines (Russian Внуковские авиалинии, Wnukowskije awialinii ) was a Russian airline.


In 1991, the state-owned airline Aeroflot was restructured and its regional departments released gradually into self-employment. From the local to the airport Vnukovo department went in March 1993 produced the Vnukovo Airlines, which ceased operations in 2001. It operated machines of the Tupolev Tu- 204; Boeing 737-400; Tupolev Tu- 154; Yakovlev Yak -42 as well as several large aircraft Ilyushin Il -86. In 1993, the company took over the holdings of Aeroflot on the Turkish charter airline greenair.

In 2001, the airline was taken over by Siberian Airlines.


On August 29, 1996, a Tupolev Tu- 154 of Vnukovo Airlines crashed while landing at the airport Longyearbyen ( Spitsbergen ) against a mountain. All 141 passengers were killed.