VNV Nation

VNV Nation ( VNV means " Victory not Vengeance " German "Victory, not vengeance " ) is an Anglo- Irish pop band Future by Ronan Harris (vocals ) and Mark Jackson (drums).


The band's music is characterized by a mix of danceable electronic rhythms with elements of pop music and the techno-trance and orchestral influences. The multi-layered lyrics deal with both social issues as well as personal experiences and experiences. Above all there is a futuristic context, which runs like a red thread through the music and the graphic concept of the band.

Band History

VNV Nation was founded in London by Ronan Harris. Originally the music was a mix of orchestral and electronic influences. The result of this initial work were two records: "Body Pulse", a self-produced 2-Track Maxi ( 12 ") in May 1990 and " Strength of Youth ", also self- produced, this time with four pieces This was issued in November 1990.. Ronan went the same year to Toronto, where he continued his work on this project. Nitzer Ebb also knew the new quality of danceable electro beats to appreciate and brought VNV Nation, after they had gone to Canada, as support for their local " Ebbhead "tour.

1994 Ronan returned to Europe with a completely new and revised material. Some pieces were released exclusively on samplers. In July 1995, VNV Nation signed with the German label Discordia a contract. It appeared the first complete CD album " ADVANCE & FOLLOW ". During this time, Mark Jackson came to the initially supported the group as a live drummer. Later he became a full member of the VNV Nation.

In January 1998, the group signed with the German label Off- Beat a contract and released the album " Praise the Fallen" ( release date 2 June 1998). The first single was " Solitary " on 14 September 1998. VNV Nation in September went on tour in Germany.

In spring 1999, the previous label " Off- Beat" was disbanded and continued by Stefan Herwig as a " Dependent ". The first publications came from VNV Nation, Covenant, Suicide Commando and Velvet Acid Christ.

Three albums were the result. " Empires " landed seven weeks at number one in the DAC ( German Alternative Charts ). It was also the album of the year 1999 ( starting from the DAC). Two singles were released from the album decoupled: "Dark Angel" and in the spring of 2000 " Standing", which was number one for eight weeks - the longest residence time of a single in the DAC. " Standing" won the " German Alternative Music Award" for the most successful single in 2000. A 4700 piece on strictly limited edition was " Standing / Burning Empires ", containing various versions of pieces of " Empires " CD. It applies among collectors as a rarity.

In March 2001 it came to the re-release of the CD " Advance and Follow v2", which had been revised again. In September of the same year, the single " Genesis " was released. It reached number 67 of the Media Control Charts and was to be found among the top 10 of the DAC. In October 2001, VNV Nation began with the successful " Future Perfect " tour in Europe and North America. The fourth album " Future Perfect " was released in January 2002 and reached number 25 in the German album charts.

The second single "Beloved " reached number 60 of the Media Control Charts. After the release of " Beloved " VNV Nation left the Dependent label. In April 2002, VNV Nation went to the U.S. on tour again.

With his own label " Anachron Sounds", the band tried to possess all rights to future publication of themselves exclusively. The much-anticipated DVD " Past Perfect " came in the summer of 2004 on the market. She showed live performances for various tours of the band.

The single " Chrome " was released in 2005. First time in the band's history, a single was released only on the Internet as a free download. The fifth album called " Matter and Form " was released in April 2005. On 31 March 2005, the " formation Tour " in 2005, which started in Hamburg and has been expanded to North America began. The band in Europe Diorama and soman was supported. Was released in 2007 the album "Judgement ". The album " Reformation 01", the first live CD of the band, appeared in 2009. It also contains an album of remixes and previously unreleased compositions, as well as a live DVD. In June 2009, the album " Of Faith, Power and Glory " was released. With this album they launched on September 2, 2009, a European tour.

On 16 September 2011 the album " Automatic " was released. It is the most successful album of the band and was ranked 8th in the German album charts, according to Media Control. The fans have long promised " Crossing the Divide EP " was released on May 14, 2012 as a free download. It contains six remixes of songs from the album " Of Faith, Power and Glory ".

On October 11, 2013, the new album "Transnational " was released in Germany.



  • 2004: Past Perfect
  • 2009: Reformation 01

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