Voice of Korea

The Voice of Korea (formerly Radio Pyongyang ) is the international broadcasting of North Korea. It sends radio programs in Korean, Chinese, German, Spanish, English, French, Russian, Japanese and Arabic.


The station was founded in 1950 and initially radiated only programs in the Korean language, which were destined for South Korea. By the time the program was to other languages ​​( first Japanese and English) extends. German -language broadcasts have been around since the 11th January 1983.

Until 16 February 2001 ( the 59th birthday of Kim Jong- il ) the voice of Korea was part of the international broadcasting station Radio Pyongyang ( Kor. P'yŏngyang Pangsŏng ) and renamed as well as under its name. The Korean language program in name independent voice Korea today consists of acquisitions of broadcasts from Radio Pyongyang and the domestic central broadcasting Korean Central Broadcasting Station. Radio Pyongyang is now called the only Korean language part of North Korea's international broadcaster.

Like all radio and television stations in North Korea is also subject to the voice of the Korean state radio and television committee of the DPRK ( Kor. Choson Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk Rachio Me ' T'ellepichyonbangsonguihŏnhoe )

It broadcasts on shortwave frequencies on medium wave and digital unencrypted over the satellite Thaicom 5 in DVB -S standard. The data used by the voice of Korea's transmission facilities that are operated by the North Korean Post and Telecommunications Ministry, among others are in Chongjin (medium wave 621 kHz, 500 kW ), Pyongyang ( shortwave, ten transmitters of 200 kW), Kujang ( province P'yŏngan - pukto ) and Kanggye ( five transmitters of 200 kW).

The program content are marked by the official state propaganda of North Korea. A significant part of the program consists of readings from the works of the late North Korean President Kim Il-sung (about from his autobiography With the Century ) and his son Kim Jong- il.

Theme song of the transmitter, as with many other radio stations in North Korea also, the song of General Kim Il Sung. At the start of sending the national anthem of North Korea is played.