Vojslavice ( German Wojslawitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is situated 18 kilometers north of Pelhřimov and belongs to Okres Pelhřimov.


Vojslavice is located on the right side of the flooded with the drinking water reservoir Švihov Želivkatales in a flow loop. North of the village is bypassed by the route of the D 1, the next exit is Koberovice. Vojslavice is accessible only by road from Koberovice from. West of the town leads the motorway bridge Píšť over the reservoir.

Neighboring towns are Vranice in the north, and Mesnik Ježov in the northeast, Hojanovice in the east, and Koberovice Lísky the southeast, Otavožaty in the south, Senožaty in the southwest, and Děkančice Hroznětice in the west and Píšť in the northwest.


The first written mention of the town took place in 1318.

In June 1972, the construction of the highway bridge Píšť started since the flooding of the valley of Želivka by the dam Švihov imminent. In 1976, the bridge was completed in 1979 and it was opened to traffic.

Community structure

For the community Vojslavice no districts are reported. To Vojslavice heard the local situation Chalupy.


  • Church of the Assumption
  • Rectory
  • Highway bridge Píšť