Vokov ( German Wokow ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located four kilometers south of Pelhřimov and belongs to Okres Pelhřimov.


Vokov is located in a small valley at the foot of Váňův vršek ( 586 m) in the Bohemian- Moravian Highlands. East of the creek flows into the Vlásenický Bela. By Bělátal the railway from Pelhřimov leads to Jindřichův Hradec, below Vokov is the station Rynárec.

Neighboring towns are Pelhřimov in the north, Skrýšov in the northeast, Pavlov in the east, in the southeast Rynárec, Libkova Voda and Ondřejov the southwest, Holákov in the west and Myslotín in the northwest.


The first mention of Vokov dates from the year 1355th The independent Good Vokov was the seat of Vladiken of Vokov.

After the replacement of patrimonial Vokov formed in 1850 the Town of Myslotin. 1964 Vokov was reclassified according to Rynárec and incorporated on 1 January 1980, together with this community after Pelhřimov. Since 24 November 1990, the community is self-employed again.

Community structure

For the community Vokov no districts are reported.


  • Small chapel in the village square