Volcán Tajumulco


Summit crater of Tajumulco


With its 4220 m of Tajumulco is the highest mountain in Guatemala and Central America. The stratovolcano is part of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, called on the Guatemalan side only as Sierra Madre, and consists of two peaks and a 50-meter -wide crater.


The Tajumulco located in the extreme west of Guatemala in the department of San Marcos. From San Marcos and the adjacent San Pedro Sacatepéquez to the small town of San Sebastián at the foot of the mountain there are about 30 kilometers above curvaceous slopes; there are buses. The mountain is about 70 km ( straight line ) from the Pacific coast.


The volcano is considered extinct - how far back is the last eruption is unclear. Various reports are based on outbreaks in the 19th century, but none of them is proven. The fact that 1765 houses in a settlement were destroyed in October, was the result of a rockslide.


The volcano is located in a covered area of pine forests with cool and humid climate. The fertility on its slopes is extremely high; Are grown mainly maize, potatoes and vegetables - fields there are in almost 3000 m height. The winter temperatures can - especially at night - fall to values ​​below 0 ° C; However, snowfalls are rare and melt rapidly.


An ascent of Tajumulco in a one-day hike is possible (preferably in the arid winter months ), but the local infrastructure ( hostels, mountain huts, etc.) still bad. There are several camping facilities (also near the summit ). The view may be limited on some days by (morning ) fog; at night it is very cool.