Volkswagen Passat (B4)

VW Passat Sedan (1993-1996)

The VW Passat B4 is a model of the middle class of Volkswagen. He was introduced in the fall of 1993 as a successor of the VW Passat B3. It is a comprehensive development of the Passat B3.

The Passat B4 was produced between October 1993 and March 1997 at the VW plant in Emden. In October 1996, the sedan version of the B4 was replaced by the successor to VW Passat B5.

Model history

As a further development of the constructive similar previous model B3, the B4 differed in numerous details. A so-called major product improvement, such as towards the later type B5, however, did not take place there. So Volkswagen retained the basic layout. Details have been changed in the design and technology. Thus, the B4 had now again a proper grille, known as the "Happy Face" grill instead of the single round " nostril " with the front VW emblem. The longitudinal ribbing on the body side line above the door handles has been eliminated. The rear of the car underwent a visual overhaul. Thus, the B4 larger taillights and a revised rear door. Body side also was sometimes improves poor finish in the first generation. The refinement was creatively geared more conservative, the car should look like conventional again, since the design with less front grille of its predecessor by many buyers as was felt to be too radical.

As far as this was possible in the context of a facelift the Passat was introduced to the then state of safety technology. Once in Germany as a result of the magazine " Auto, Motor und Sport" initiated crash-test experiments, the demands for the standard installation of airbags became louder, Volkswagen developed one of the first mass producers an airbag for vehicles of the middle and lower class, the so-called " Eurobag ". This was offered as an option since 1992 in the Passat B3. The Passat B4 it existed in Germany now standard along with a front passenger air bag. In addition, the Passat was equipped with ABS, side impact protection and pyrotechnic belt tensioners. Another shortcoming, the clunky cable shift of the previous model (actually borrowed technology from the Gulf ) was replaced by a revised version. In the model B4 Volkswagen used the first time a TDI engine, an electronically controlled diesel engine with direct one. The unit had only four cylinder, 1.9 liter engine and was introduced at the same time also in the former golf. Technically, it is a further development of the 1989 featured in the Audi 100 five-cylinder TDI engine is, was mounted transversely to the direction of the Passat and decreed as opposed to five-cylinder for the first time via an air mass meter. The huge demand caused the TDI initially for long delivery times. The unit made ​​66 kW (90 hp) and torque of 202 Nm had a at 1900 U / min. From model year 1996, this engine by a more powerful version with 81 kW is (110 PS ) supplements. This decreed for the first time a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and a torque of 235 Nm achieved at 1900 rev / min.

Top model of the Passat series and so at that time the most expensive and largest vehicle Volkswagen was from the end of 1994 the Passat VR6 Syncro Exclusiv. In this model we built a the means of the classic engine tuning uprated already for the VW Corrado six-cylinder engine of the VW Golf, together with the already known and proven by the Passat G60 wheel drive system with viscous coupling. The peak power of the engine, however, was withdrawn against the in Corrado to 4 kW ( 6 HP ), allegedly because the Passat rather seen as traveling car and therefore should be below that of a sports car settled in terms of engine performance as the Corrado. Capacity of 2.9 liters, 184 hp, 235 km / h top speed, permanent four-wheel drive Syncro and exclusive features made ​​him the most expensive and fastest four-wheel drive station wagon that time there was offered at VW in series. From the B4 series, there are numerous special models ( bikers, coach, Exclusive, Court, Pacific, Classic Line ).

VW Passat Variant (1993-1997)

VW Passat VR6 ( U.S. version )


2.0-liter 16v petrol engine with 110 kW ( 150 hp) (MKB: ABF)

2.9 -liter VR6 petrol engine with 135 kW ( 184 hp ) (MKB: ABV)

1.9-liter TDI diesel engine with 81 kW (110 hp) (MKB: AFN)

Passat B4: Logos special models

VW Passat Variant Court

VW Passat Variant Highland

VW Passat Variant Pacific