Volleyball at the 2004 Summer Olympics

At the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens in indoor volleyball tournaments for men and women were discharged.

  • 4.1 Preliminary
  • 4.2 Final Round
  • 5.1 Men
  • 5.2 Women


Twelve teams qualified for the men and women for the Olympic tournament. Greece was set as host. The top three teams at the World Cup 2003 qualified as well.

In December 2003 and January 2004 continental preliminaries were held in Africa, Europe and North and South America, the winners in Athens were there.

  • When African tournament in Tunis, the hosts took advantage of their home advantage against Tunisia Egypt, Algeria and South Africa.
  • The European tournament took place in Leipzig. Russia defeated in the final of the Netherlands. The German team difference against the Netherlands in the semi-finals.
  • At the tournament of NORCECA in Caguas with eight participants, the United States prevailed against Cuba.
  • The South American tournament in Caracas Argentina won against Chile, Peru and Venezuela hosts.


  • When African tournament in Nairobi, Kenya hosts took advantage of their home field advantage and prevailed against Egypt, Nigeria and Seychelles.
  • The European tournament was held in Baku ( Azerbaijan). The German team managed a 3-0 victory in the final against Turkey as the "Miracle of Baku " designated qualification.
  • At the tournament of NORCECA in Santo Domingo, Cuba prevailed prior to the Dominican Republic.
  • When South African tournament in Caracas, the Dominican Republic took advantage of their second chance and won against Argentina, Peru and Venezuela.

The last places were awarded in three tournaments in May 2004.

  • In Madrid ( May 23 to 25 ) defeated the Netherlands in the deciding game hosts Spain.
  • In Porto ( May 21 to 23 ) sat Poland unbeaten.
  • In Tokyo ( May 22 to 30 ) won France. Since the competition was the same as the Asian preliminaries, also Australia qualified.


In Tokyo ( May 8 to 16 ) hosts Japan won the tournament. Since the competition was the same as the Asian preliminaries, also South Korea qualified. Russia and Italy occupied the remaining free places in the Olympic tournament.


The mode was the same in women and men.

The twelve qualified teams were drawn into two groups of six participants. The preliminary round was " every man for himself " played according to the mode. The top four teams in each group reached the quarter- finals. Then we went in a simple knockout system on to the finals.

The Games were held in Athens from 14 to 29 August. The venue was the Peace and Friendship Stadium ( Stadio kai Irini Filias ) in Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Sports Complex.

Schedule Men

Preliminary round

In Group A Serbia and Montenegro lost the opening match against Poland, but then remained unbeaten and secured with the final victory against Greece the first place. The Greeks were only because of the better ball point quotient ahead of Argentina. With eight points, also Poland qualified for the quarter-finals. For France and the winless Tunisia, the tournament was over after the first round.

In Group B, Brazil won the first four games and came despite a defeat against the USA the first place. Behind this Italy, which lost two games in the tiebreaker placed. The U.S. and Russia also reached with eight points the quarterfinals. Australia won only two sets and different from just after the first round as the Netherlands.

Final round

In the quarterfinals, it came on August 25 to the new edition of the finals from 2000. Here Russia succeeded in the rematch against the defending champion Serbia and Montenegro. The former third parties from Italy won against Argentina in the semifinals and defeated on 27 August the Russians. In the other semi-finals Brazil beat the USA also in three sets. Russia won the bronze medal on 29 August. New Olympic champion Brazil 3-1 in the final against Italy.

Schedule women

Preliminary round

In Group A, Brazil was the top match against Italy from the only two sets and finished confidently the first place. For Italy this was the only 2:3 defeat in the first round. The two Asian representatives of South Korea and Japan also qualified for the quarter-finals, the Koreans decided the direct duel for themselves. Kenya could not win a single set and arbitration as well as from Greece after the preliminary round.

In Group B, China lost in five sets against Cuba, but was able to secure the first place before the Eastern Europeans with a final win against Russia. Cuba was despite a 0-3 against the United States third ahead of the Americans. The German team started against Cuba successfully into the tournament, but then conceded three defeats in a row and could with the victory against the Dominican Republic no longer prevent a premature end.

Final round

In the quarterfinals on 24 August, the defending champion Cuba could scarce prevail against Italy. The third party in 2000, Brazil, took against the United States also the tie-break, while the former finalist Russia against South Korea had no problems. China won the Asian duel against Japan and defeated in the semifinals on August 26, the defending champion. Russia qualified with a 3-2 win over Brazil again for the final. There, however, the team was defeated despite a 2-0 set lead the Chinese, who brought the second time after 1984 Olympic gold medal. The bronze medal Cuba secured against Brazil.