Volleyball at the 2008 Summer Olympics

At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing tournaments were held in the indoor volleyball for women and men. The Tournament Women Brazil won with a 3-1 in the final against the United States. For men, however, defeated the U.S. team the defending champion Brazil 3-1.

  • 4.1 Preliminary
  • 4.2 Final Round
  • 5.1 Men
  • 5.2 Women


Twelve teams qualified for the men and women for the Olympic tournament. The People's Republic of China was set as host. The top three teams at the World Cup in 2007 qualified as well.

In January and February 2008 continental preliminaries were held in Africa, Europe and North and South America, the winners in Beijing were there.

  • When African tournament in Durban played ten teams. Egypt won the final against Algeria.
  • The European tournament in Izmir was held with eight teams. Serbia defeated in the final of the European Champions Spain. The German team finished fifth.
  • At the tournament of NORCECA in Caguas with eight participants, the United States prevailed over the host Puerto Rico.
  • The South American Tournament in Formosa won against Venezuela hosts Argentina.


  • When African tournament in Algiers with five teams from the hosts Algeria used their home advantage.
  • The European tournament took place in Halle Gerry - Weber-Stadion. The German team failed in the semi-final against Russia, which prevailed in the final against Poland.
  • At the tournament of NORCECA in Monterrey, Cuba prevailed ahead of Canada.
  • The South American Tournament in Lima won against Venezuela hosts Peru.

The remaining seats were awarded at tournaments in May / June 2008.

  • The tournament in Dusseldorf won Germany on 23 - 25th May three wins against Taiwan, Cuba and Spain. As a result, the team of the DVV participation secured for the first time since 1972 in Munich again at the Olympic tournament.
  • In Espinho Poland sat on May 30-June 1 through against the hosts Portugal and Puerto Rico and Indonesia.
  • In Tokyo, Italy remained from May 31 to June 8 against Japan, Australia, South Korea, Iran, Thailand, Algeria and Argentina unbeaten and managed to qualify. Since this tournament was the same as Asian Trials, Japan has also been qualified as the best Asian team.


At the tournament in Tokyo from May 17 to 25 occupied Poland, Serbia and Japan the first three places. Since this tournament was the same as the Asian qualifying, Kazakhstan also qualified as the best Asian teams ( next to Japan).


The mode was the same in women and men.

The twelve qualified teams were divided into two groups, each with six participants. The preliminary round was " every man for himself " played according to the mode. Case of a tie, the ball point quotient over the placement decision. The top four teams in each group reached the quarter- finals. Then we went in a simple knockout system on to the finals.

The Games were held in Beijing from August 9 to 24. The classification of the preliminary round groups took place on June 11. The venues were the capacity for 18,000 spectators Capital Indoor Stadium ( Capital Indoor Stadium ) and the University of Technology Gymnasium Beijing ( Beijing Institute of Technology) with 5000 seats. Tickets available on open sale were sold out since early May. Each team nominated a squad of twelve players.

Schedule Men

Preliminary round

The current World League Victors United States suffered against the first Venezuelan qualified after a 2-0 set lead to compensation in his first match of Group A, but could still win in the tiebreak. The other two favorites in this group, Italy and Bulgaria, were also successful against the Asian representatives. Venezuela then also forced the Chinese in the tiebreak and lost with 14:16. The Americans gave to Italy from only the first set 24:26 and sat down as well as 3-1 with Bulgaria against Japan. At the third round there was for Bulgaria despite a 29:27 in the first set against the still undefeated U.S. team 's first defeat, while the Italians had no problems with Venezuela and China beat Japan in five sets. Two days later, ended all three games, including the match between Italy and Bulgaria, 3-0. The U.S. remained on the final day of the preliminary round undefeated and secured the top spot before the Italians, who defeated China to a 2-0 lead in the tiebreak. Bulgaria and the host also reached the quarter- finals.

In group B, it came to the victories of the Russians and the Brazilians for the first Olympic appearance for the German team for 36 years. Although the DVV Selection at 31:33 in the second set had several set points, they lost with 0:3. Two days later the Germans against Russia reached the tiebreak, where they forgave a match point and lost 14:16. Defending champion Brazil was against Serbia only the first set from ( 25:27 ). On Matchday Germany succeeded against outsiders Egypt with 29:27 and 25:21 twice the first victory. While the Serbs conceded their third defeat in the first set against Poland to a 29:31, Brazil lost the top match against Russia. Two days later awarded the German team against the previously winless Serbs with a 1:3 chance for an early qualification for the quarter-finals. After the final defeat against Brazil in the final game under the direction of Stelian Mosculescu the tournament was over after the first round. As the Poles defeated the Russians 3-2, the ball point quotient of the order on the first three places had to decide. Serbia completed the quarter-finals.

Final round

In the quarter finals on August 20, Brazil had no problems with hosts China. Russia abolished after losing a set against Bulgaria the turn. Much scarcer the decision was made in the duel between the sovereign winner of Group A and the fourth-placed group B. After two behind the United States prevailed in the tiebreak against Serbia. Even longer the match between Italy and Poland. The Italians lost after a 2-0 set lead the fourth passage with 26:28 and won the tiebreak with 17:15. The Russians managed in the semifinals on August 22 after two lost games against the United States is also an equalizer, but were beaten by 13:15 then. Brazil moved to initial difficulties with a 3-1 against Italy in the final. Russia won the bronze medal with a 3-0 win against Italy four years ago. In the final on 24 August, gave Brazil against the United States by winning the first set an advantage, but then the Americans could turn the game around and win for the first time since 1988 the gold medal.

Schedule women

Preliminary round

In the first match of Group A Poland won against Cuba only the first set. China won clearly against Venezuela and the United States against Japan gave only the second set from. Two days later, however, the Americans were beaten by Cuba, while the Poles conceded their second defeat. On Matchday Cuba defeated the hosts by two distinct sets lost. The fourth passage ended 32:30 and in the tiebreak there was a 15:13. Although the Polish team was able to offset against Japan a 0-2 record behind, but remained winless. Subsequently, the Chinese women also lost against the USA in five sets, while Poland and Cuba each won 3-0. On the final day Poland missed despite twice leading to the USA to the quarter- finals for the next to the Americans and the unbeaten group winners qualified Cuba, the two Asian teams.

The first round of group B began with a defeat of the reigning world champions Russia against Italy. While Serbia with the Mavericks Kazakhstan and Algeria had no problems and the Italians won their second game, the Russians had no chance against Brazil. After that, the three favorites managed two 3-0 victories. On the final day Brazil confirmed with a clear victory over Italy 's sovereign group victory. Serbia reached despite the final 0-3 against Russia is also the next round.

Final round

In the quarterfinals on 19 August, Brazil prevailed without problems against Serbia. Russia failed with the same result on the host. Cuba had against Serbia twice go into overtime (both 26:24 ), but ultimately also needed only three sets. The United States defeated Italy after two residue with 15:6 in the tiebreak. In the semifinals on August 21, the victory for the Americans against Cuba was more pronounced. The Brazilian moved to a 27:25 in the first set against China is also 3-0 in the final one. The hosts, who became Olympic champion four years ago, won with a 3-1 win over Cuba, this time the bronze medal. The Brazilian women gave in the final against the United States on August 23, according to a 25:15 in the first sentence from the second passage, but won by a 25:13 in the third set 3-1 and clearly came for the gold medal.