Vologne at Deycimont

Volognebrücke ( Pont des Fees ) near Gerardmer


The Vologne is a river in France, which runs in the department of Vosges.


The Vologne rises in the Vosges Mountains, south of the Col de la Gorge, in the municipality of La Bresse. You drained generally towards the west and opens after 50 kilometers Jarménil, south of Epinal, as a right tributary of the Moselle.

Places on the river

  • La Bresse
  • Gerardmer
  • Granges -sur- Vologne
  • Docelles
  • Cheniménil
  • Jarménil


  • Belbriette (right), 5.9 km
  • Narouël (right) 2.4 km
  • Jamagne (left), 6.9 km
  • Corbeline (right), 9.4 km
  • Bas Prés (left), 8.6 km
  • Clous (left), 3.6 km
  • Nine (right), 24.5 km
  • Lizerne (right), 3.6 km
  • Cul d' Honstot (right), 2.5 km
  • Malenrupt (left), 3.4 km
  • Barba (left), 15.6 km


At the mouth of the Vologne in the Mosel, the average river discharge ( MQ ) 9.65 m³ / s; The catchment area covers 369 km ² here. At the level Cheniménil the average annual runoff volume of Vologne was calculated over a period of 41 years ( 1969-2009 ). The catchment area corresponding to at this point with about 355 square kilometers thus approximately 96.2 % of the whole catchment area of the river.

The highest water levels are measured during the winter months of December to April. Your maximum level in the runoff with 14.6 m³ / s in December. From May to the bed month after month goes down markedly and reached its lowest level in August with 3.93 m³ / s to then to rise again from month to month.

The monthly mean discharge ( MQ ) the Vologne in m³ / s, measured at the hydrological station Cheniménil Data calculated from the values ​​of years 1969-2009