Volyn Oblast

The Volyn Oblast (Ukrainian Волинська область / Wolynska oblast, Russian Волынская область / Wolynskaja oblast ) is an administrative unit in Ukraine, located in the northwest of the country. It has around 1.04 million inhabitants (2014).

The oblast comprises part of the historic landscape Volhynia. Capital is Lutsk, more cities are Novovolynsk and Kovel. By Oblast run the main traffic route from Ukraine to Poland and Germany. In the West, the Western Bug forms with a length of 135 km, the border with Poland ( Lublin Voivodeship ). In the north of the oblast borders on Belarus ( length of the border 195 km), more precisely on the Breszkaja Woblasz with their Rajonen Brest, Malaryta, Kobryn, Drahitschyn and Iwanawa. In the east the Rivne Oblast in the south and the Lviv Oblast is located.

The Volyn oblast stretches from west to east 163 km, from north to south 187 km from. The population is 52% in urban areas to 48 % in rural areas.

The license plate for the Oblast is AC.


The largest rivers are the Western Bug (Ukrainian Західний Буг ) and the Prypiat (Ukrainian: Прип'ять ).

In addition, the Turija (Ukrainian Турія ) and the Stochid flow through the district, both open still within the oblast on the right side in the Pripyat.

The Styx flows through the Oblast in the southeast and flows into Belarus also in the Pripyat.

In the oblast is the deepest lake in the Ukraine, the Svityaz Lake.

Largest cities and settlements


On the history see Volhynia # History.

Administrative subdivision

The Volyn Oblast is administratively divided into 16 Rajone and 4 directly below the Oblastverwaltung cities. These are the cities Volodymyr- Wolynskyj, Kovel, Novovolynsk as well as the administrative center of the oblast, the city of Lutsk.

Rajone the Volyn oblast with their administrative centers