The vomer ( vomer ) is an unpaired, elongated bones of the skull base. It is part of the facial skeleton and pulls the center of the sphenoid ( sphenoid ) in the nasal cavity, where it fastens to a bar ( crista nasalis ) of the upper jaw bone ( maxilla). The vomer divides the Choanenöffnung in mammals.

The top of the vomer bears a groove ( sulcus vomeris ) for receiving the cartilaginous nasal septum (septum nasi). The rear end of the vomer bears on both sides, a fan-shaped side plate (Ala vomeris ), which connects to the sphenoid bone and the palatine bone.

In birds, the vomer often only rudimentary ( stunted ) is formed.

The salmon fishing can be done by different dentition of plate and stem of the vomer an accurate species identification.

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