Vonda Shepard

Vonda Shepard (* July 7, 1963 in New York, NY ) is an American rock, pop, country and soul singer and songwriter.


Shepard grew up in California, her father was a drama teacher. A wider audience, she was known in both the United States and in Germany until after the start of the TV series Ally McBeal.

First conveyor in Shepard's career was her father who raised the funds for her education at the piano and guitar as well as singing lessons. Even as a teenager she wrote her own songs, with 14 years she performed in clubs in Los Angeles. She sang in the background choir of Al Jarreau, Jackson Browne and Rickie Lee Jones. Their first single in the early 1980s was a duet with Dan Hill and was called Can not we try. 1987 she released her first solo album, Vonda Shepard, which received good reviews but did not sell particularly well. This was also true of her second album, The Radical Light, which contained the studio version of their later hits Searchin ' my soul, so that their record company dropped them. For the production of their third album It's good Eve (1996 ) to Vonda Shepard had to borrow money and hoof it through the clubs of LA.

How Vonda Shepard came to her commitment to Ally McBeal, also there are several versions. After one of the producer of the series, David Kelley, was, by his attentive wife, actress Michelle Pfeiffer to their music, because they knew Shepard personally. Shepard brought the soundtrack for the then new series, which soon achieved cult status, at least the late 1990s, the breakthrough. Searchin ' my soul became the theme song. She also had a regular guest appearances in the series. Sony Music bought the rights to the first soundtrack album for two million dollars Shepard got on platinum. Later another Ally McBeal album as well as two compilations with Ally titles released.

After the ratings of Ally McBeal were dropped in the U.S. under the 5 million mark, and the shipment was set for Vonda Shepard began a series of time without support.

Vonda Shepard is married to music producer Mitchell Froom U.S.. The first child of the two, was born in 2006.


  • Vonda Shepard (1989 )
  • The Radical Light ( 1992)
  • It's good, Eve (1996 )
  • Songs from Ally McBeal (1998)
  • By 7:30 (1999)
  • Heart and Soul: New Songs from Ally McBeal (1999)
  • Ally McBeal: A very Ally Christmas (2000)
  • Ally McBeal: For once in my Life (2001)
  • Chinatown (2002)
  • Live: A Retrospective (2005)
  • From The Sun (September 16, 2008 U.S. release )
  • The Best of Ally McBeal - The Songs of Vonda Shepard (October 2009)
  • From The Sun Tour - Live in San Javier ( 2009)
  • Solo ( 2011)