Voreppe is a municipality in the southeast of France with a population of 9742 ( effective 1st January 2011). It is located in the department of Isère centrally located in the Rhône- Alpes region, about 15 kilometers northwest of the capital of the department of Grenoble.

Located in the French Alps, Voreppe is between the mountains of the Vercors ( 2341 meters) and Chartreuse ( 2,087 meters ), embedded in the Isère valley. There is on site - due to the adjacent mountain ranges - a dry subalpine climate. In the forested landscape to about 250 meters above sea level ( essentially built and inhabited part of the town ), the seasonal characteristics of temperature differences between warmer than average summers and cold winters are very high.

Tourist attractions, among other things, the old town of Voreppe with a variety of listed buildings, the Romanesque church église Saint- Didier prieurale or the Château de Sieyes castle.

On the outskirts of Voreppe is located on an area of ​​about 200 hectares of the industrial zone Centralp that Voreppe shares with the neighboring community Moirans. In this industrial area, with more than 3,000 employees located offices have moved from world-famous companies such as Thomson, Pechiney and Allibert Sanitaire.

Since 1992 there is a community partnership between Voreppe and the southwestern German community Lichtenstein in Baden- Württemberg.