Vorsprung durch Technik

Vorsprung durch Technik is the advertising slogan of Audi AG. In 1971, he first appeared in an advertisement for the Audi NSU Ro 80.

Our presence in Advertising and Marketing found this slogan input in the British, Irish and contemporary American culture, for example in the song Zooropa U2 or Song Parklife the British band Blur. In the power plant Biography Music non-stop, the slogan is used as a title for an essay about the British fascination with Krautrock.

Also in British radio advertising for Audi finished "Vorsprung durch Technik " every Einspieler. The slogan was not taken from German-language radio advertising, but re-recorded with an English speaker. The result is even more of a " pre- pomp durg Tecknick ".

The DJ Paul van Dyk used for one of his albums a modified Title: Vorsprung Dyk technology.