Vorya River

The Worja in Krasnoarmeisk

The Worja in the estuary

The Worja (Russian Воря ) is a river in eastern Moscow Oblast (Russia) and a left tributary of the Klyazma from the river system, the Volga River. It is not to be confused with the tributary of the Ugra in the border area between the Moscow and Smolensk oblasts.


The Worja is 99 km long and in her mouth area about 10 to 15 meters wide. It rises in the Dmitrov Raion in the northeast of Moscow Oblast, near the village Prokschino, located approximately midway between the cities of Dmitrov and Sergiev Posad. In its upper reaches, the river a narrow stream represents the first flows near the village Oserezkoje into a lake and through a swamp, and only then the Worja reaches the width of a river and flows past among other things on the former artist's Abramtsevo as well as the center city Khotkovo. About 40 km further downstream flows through the Worja the urban area of ​​Krasnoarmeisk and continues in a southerly direction until it empties just east of the city Lossino - Petrovsky in the Klyazma.

The Worja is not navigable because of their small width but the section downstream of Abramtsevo is popular because of the relatively fast flow at canoe athletes. Despite the large number of small villages on the river banks and several industries ( including the textile factory in Krasnoarmeisk ) the Worja is considered an attractive, landscaped river whose largely overgrown with coniferous and mixed forests banks are often used as a recreational destination.

A special feature of Worja is their low water temperature, which - due to the variety of sources that feed the river along its entire course - is also in the summer months only about 5-7 ° C.


The origin of the hydronyms Worja is suspected in the Finno -Ugric language of the people Merja that in the first millennium AD populated large parts of today's medium- Russian territories. 1327 was the first time in Old Russian documents, named after the river village Worja, a possession of the Grand Prince Ivan Kalita, mentioned.