Vosough od-Dowleh

Hassan Vosough ( Vosough al Dowleh ) (Persian حسن وثوق; * 1868, † 1951 in Tehran ), also Vosouq Hassan, was a politician of Iran. He served as a member of the inaugural meeting of the first Iranian Parliament and the deputy parliament speaker. In various cabinets, he assumed the post of Minister of Finance, Minister of Education, Minister of Justice, Minister of Interior and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Twice was Hassan Vosough Prime Minister of Iran. Hassan Vosough had eight daughters and two sons. Hassan Vosough was the older brother of Ahmad Qavam.


Hassan Vosough comes from one of the most famous families in Iran. His father was Mirza Ebrahim Motamed al Saltaneh and his grandfather was Mohammad al Qavam Dowleh. His ancestors had already served the Shah of the Qajar as government officials. From his father's family came three prime ministers: Mostofi Hassan, Ahmad Matin - Daftari and Mohammad Mossadegh. His mother's family provided a prime minister, Mirza Ali Khan Amin al Dowleh.

Hassan Vosough was raised by his uncle Mirza Ali Khan, since his mother died at an early age and his father worked as a financial manager in several provinces of Iran. Hassan received a good education by private tutors and spoke fluent French and English. As an adolescent, he accompanied his father on his travels and took over at a young age the tax authorities of Azerbaijan.

Hassan Vosough actively participated in the Constitutional Revolution and was elected as a founding member of the inaugural session of the first parliament in 1906 as Deputy President of Parliament. In the years 1911-1915 Hassan Vosough was first Foreign Minister and later Finance Minister of Iran. The Office of the Prime Minister, he took over for the first time from August 1916 to May 1917. According to the abdication of the Russian Tsar on March 15, 1917 was made in Iran hopes for an end of the First World War and a withdrawal of Russian and British troops in November 1914 Iran had invaded and occupied the country since that time. Hassan Vosough organized the fourth parliamentary elections in the history of the fledgling constitutional monarchy in Iran and then had to but because of the ongoing nationalist agitation and the terrorist activities of an anti-British " Criminal Committee " to resign.

Hassan Vosough should later be 1920 Prime Minister from August 1918 until June. During this time he played a leading role in the negotiations with the British Ambassador, which led to the Anglo -Iranian Treaty of 1919. The internal political disputes over this Agreement, with the opinion of the political opponents Vosoughs Iran would be changed into a British protectorate, led to his resignation as Prime Minister. Later it became known that Vosough had demanded from the British 500,000 Toman for the signing of the contract and personally get 200,000 Toman, his political career was finished first. Although Vosough denied that he had enriched himself personally, and also offered to repay the 200,000 Toman, his reputation was so damaged that he left Iran. He returned in 1926 after the refund of part of the bribe money to the Iranian state back to Iran.

Under Reza Shah, he took over in June 1926 again the Minister of Finance and later he became Minister of Justice. In November 1926 he resigned from his position as minister because he had applied for a seat in Parliament and was also elected. After the seventh session of the Iranian parliament in 1928 to Vosough withdrew from politics. He was frequently still consulted by Reza Shah in financial matters. In 1936 he became a member of the newly founded Academy of Persian Language and Literature ( Farhangestan ).

Hassan Vosough died in 1951 in Tehran.