Voss? / I is a location and name of a municipality in Hordaland, Norway, about 100 km east of Bergen. The place ( Vossevangen ) lies the lake Vangsvatnet and has about 7,000 residents. On the mountain Hangursnolten ( 700 m), a cable railway.


The Vosser said to have been converted to the saints in 1023 by Olav. From this time probably comes the Olavskreuz between the town hall and the underlying post office.

The 1277 inaugurated Vangs Church was built in the early Gothic style, its walls are 2 meters thick in places. In addition to the stone altar, which is as old as the church itself, no evidence from the period have survived.

In a German air raid in 1940, the village was largely destroyed, which is why only a few old buildings have been preserved.

  • Brynjulf ​​Bergslien (1830-1898), sculptor
  • Knut Bergslien, painter
  • Nils Bergslien, painter
  • Sjur Lindebrække (1909-1998), lawyer, banker and politician
  • Eirik Kvalfoss (* 1959), biathlete
  • Egil Gjelland (* 1973), biathlete
  • Lars Bystol (born 1978 ), a ski jumper and Olympic champion
  • Gro Marit Istad - Kristiansen (born 1978 ), biathlete
  • Jori Mørkve (* 1980), biathlete
  • Alexander Ødegaard ( b. 1980 ), football player


A valley in the municipality of Voss in January 2005.