Vpopmail is an abstraction layer for the qmail mail server makes it possible to remove the user account from the Unix environment and also simplifies virtualization of domains.

The problem of many service providers, the domains to handle in terms of available IP addresses. In the classical principle of a mail domain is set to an IP address. This is currently but no longer state of the art. Yet many mail servers are not readily able to sensibly deal with multiple domains.

A frequently used mail server is qmail. qmail is considered extremely safe, even if it was not directly developed further for some time. The current version is 1.03.

The issue of qmail provide not only the domains represent, can be solved yet, but also the fact that each mail account is a real user on a Linux / Unix server, which is an entry in / etc / passwd is replaced. This makes the system vulnerable to security on the one hand and in addition, it complicates the administration.

Thanks vpopmail can be accounts in a database, usually MySQL or LDAP to manage. This also allows the use of other administration tools, such as the qmailadmin.