Vrbovec is a city in northern Croatia, part of the Zagreb County. It is located 32 km north-east of Zagreb on the highway A4 in the direction of Varaždin. According to the 2011 census living in the administrative area of the city Vrbovec 14,797 inhabitants ( 97.66 % Croats ), in the city itself 4,947 inhabitants.


The acting mayor since 2005 is Vladimir Bregović, this is the successor of Zlatko Herček (2001-2005 ). At the administrative management area of ​​the city 42 villages and settlement areas are counted: Banovo, Brčevec, Celine, Cerik, Cerje, Dijaneš, Donji Tkalec, Dulepska, Djivan, Gaj, Gornji Tkalec, Gostovic, Graberanec, Graberšćak, Greda, Hruškovica, Konak, Krkač, Kućari, Lonjica, Lovrečka Varos, Lovrečka Velika Luka, Lukovo, Marenić, Martinska Ves, Naselje Stjepana Radića, Negovec, Novo Selo, Peskovec, Pirakovec, Podolec, Polyana, Polyansky Lug, Prilesje, Samoborec, Savska Cesta, Topolovec, Vrbovec, Vrbovečki Pavlovec, Vrhovec and Žunci.


Vrbovec is mentioned for the first time on April 21, 1244 in church documents. The documents of the series " Privilegialia " are located in the Episcopal Archives in Zagreb. In the 15th century Vrbovec is mentioned as a trading center where there have been regular markets. During the 16th and 17th century, the feudal lord is Vrbovec the Zrinski family, which protects the area against the invasion of the Turks. During this time, Petar Zrinski was born, the Croatian Ban is later.

On September 10th 1976 two planes collided over the city, this plane crash is still the largest in the history of Croatia.


In Vrbovec Since 1980, every year on the last weekend of August the small culture festival " Kaj su jeli Naši stari? " instead ( Friday to Sunday). According to the name of the festival (in German about: What have eaten our ancestors? ), Is here as a traditional food cooked according to old recipes, issued and offered for tasting and selling. In addition, a competition is held, which exhibitors the best traditional food could prepare. 2009, the event was opened by the current Prime Minister of Croatia Jadranka Kosor.

On June 15, takes place every year the city festival, which is held in honor of the patron saint of the town of St. Veit.


NK Vrbovec - Football club - 3rd Croatian League ( HNL)

HK Vrbovec - Ringer club

KK " Petar Zrinski " Vrbovec - basketball club

AK " Petar Zrinski " Vrbovec - Athletics club


The main economic activities in Vrbovec are the meat processing industry, bakery goods, and metal processing and manufacturing. The most important employers in the city and surrounding area is the butcher " PIK Vrbovec ", which since 2005 is part of the Agrokor Group.

Famous people

  • Eugène d' Halwin de Piennes, French Marquis
  • Drago Papa, football player
  • Marija Juric Zagorka, writer and journalist, first in Croatia
  • Krunoslav kuten, children's book author
  • Josip Buturac, historian and archivist
  • Jadranko Mijalić, Parliament Representative for the HSLS, politicians
  • Bozidar Pankretić, Agriculture Ministers, Parliament Representative for the Croatian Peasant Party, HSS, politicians
  • Josip Pankretić, former parliamentary representative for the HSS
  • Leona Paraminski, Actress
  • Antun Vramec, author, born in Vrbovec 1538
  • Petar Zrinski, writer, military leader and Croatian nobleman ( Ban ), born in Vrbovec 1621
  • Milan Herzog documentary