Vreni Schneider

1990/91, 1994/95 )

1992/93, 1993/94, 1994/95 )

Verena " Vreni » Schneider ( * November 26, 1964 in Elm, Kanton Glarus ) is a Swiss former ski racer. It is one of the most successful ski racers in history and dominated the race in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The giant slalom and slalom specialist was three times overall winner of the Alpine Ski World Cup and eleven times winner of the World Cup discipline standings. She won 55 World Cup races, five Olympic medals (three gold ) and six medals at World Championships. During her eleven-year World Cup career Schneider was able to achieve at least a podium finish in all five disciplines. In the 1988/89 season alone, she won 14 World Cup races; to date, this record remains unsurpassed. She won 34 slaloms, and was replaced as the most successful slalom skier until December 29, 2013 at the World Cup slalom in Lienz by Marlies Schild.

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Until 1988

The skiing learned Schneider at the age of four years. Soon, her exceptional talent showed, because in the student race they dominated in some cases significantly and had also older participants behind. The daughter of a shoemaker was a 16 -year-old after the death of his mother an orphan. Then they had a few years her three younger siblings miterziehen and run the household.

Her premiere in the World Cup had Schneider on December 4, 1983 in Val d'Isere, where she finished the giant slalom at number 28 (according damaligem FIS points system they got for not score points). Just over a year later, on December 14, 1984, she drove the slalom in Madonna di Campiglio to ninth place and thus got their first points. Three days later she was in the giant slalom in Santa Caterina celebrate her first World Cup victory. Schneider became one Mitfavoritin in the World Cup 1985 in Bormio, but did not have the twelfth square.

With three victories Schneider was the best giant slalom rider in the 1985/86 season and decided for the first time the discipline rating for themselves. In addition, the first podium came in the super-G and slalom. In the 1986/87 season, the first victory came in a slalom, which should evolve over the years to their preferred discipline. The re winning the giant slalom discipline rating they had to share with the same number of points Maria Walliser ( also the last race of the season in Sarajevo had brought no decision, because both together, the race won ). At the 1987 World Championships in Crans -Montana Schneider won the gold medal in the giant slalom, after she had finished fourth respectively in the combination and Super- G.

The 1987/88 season was also successful with two World Cup victories. Highlight was the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. On the slopes of Nakiska both the giant slalom and the slalom Schneider won each with a big lead the gold medal. After a heavy crash in Aspen early March they had the season prematurely and could not intervene in the decision about the World Cup ratings. For the first time, she was elected to the Swiss Sportswoman of the Year.

From 1989

The subsequent World Cup 1988/89 season was the most successful for Schneider. You chose all seven slaloms and six of seven giant slalom for themselves; added was their only victory in a World Cup combination. Schneider surpassed the previous record of Sweden Ingemar Stenmark from the 1979/80 season, when he 13 victories were achieved. It also remained eleven races without a win. Think she won the overall World Cup standings. The only loss this season in slalom she suffered at the World Championships in 1989 in Vail when she was second behind Mateja Svet. Four days later, she returned the favor with the second giant slalom world title.

Five slalom victories secured Schneider in the World Cup season 1989/90, again the clear profit of the discipline standings. In the giant slalom, her former best discipline, she remained, however, for the first time since 1983 without a win. The World Cup season 1990/91 they finished with two giant slalom and a slalom victory. At the 1991 World Championships, she won the gold medal in the slalom and the bronze medal in the combination. Before the Olympic Winter Games in 1992 Schneider was due to multiple World Cup victories, in turn, are among the favorites. But the Olympic race in Méribel ended in disappointment: In the giant slalom and the slalom she left she was only seventh. The World Cup season 1992/93 was very inconstant due to severe back pain. In the physically less demanding slalom race tailor was indeed again the best athlete in the giant slalom on the other hand hardly get outstanding results. With two failures of the World Cup ended in 1993 also disappointing.

In the season 1993/94 Schneider returned to the superiority of earlier years. In the giant slalom she managed not a victory, but in the slalom, she decided seven out of ten races for himself and was twice runner-up. Since they increased again denied runs and scored very good results ( she succeeded in this winter, the only downhill podium of her career ), she won for the second time the World Cup. At the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer she won three medals: gold in the slalom, silver in the combined and bronze in the giant slalom.

1994 Schneider was the first occasion indicated the possibility of withdrawal in the media, but she decided not to attach a season. In the World Cup season 1994/95 she proved once again as the world's best skier. In addition to four slalom victories you also get five podium finishes in the giant slalom, which she chose both discipline ratings for themselves. The decision by the World Cup was only in the last race of the season, when Schneider won the slalom in Bormio (her 55th and last World Cup victory ) and had finally just six points ahead of the German Katja Seizinger. After the Swiss Championships end of March 1995 Schneider announced her resignation. In 1994 and 1995 she was honored by the International Association of Ski Journalists with the Skieur d'Or.


Vreni Schneider now serves in her hometown Elm one named after her ski and snowboard school. She also has in Elm and Glarus ever a sports shop. She is married and mother of two sons since 1999. Schneider is athlete ambassador of development organization Right to Play and also supports World Vision Switzerland. In 2012 she published her folk music CD A Gruass Us De Bärge.


Olympic games

  • Calgary 1988: 1st Giant Slalom, Slalom 1
  • Albertville 1992: 7 Slalom
  • Lillehammer 1994: Slalom 1st, 2nd combination, 3 giant slalom, downhill 33

World Championships

  • Bormio 1985: 12 Giant Slalom
  • Crans -Montana 1987: 1st Giant Slalom, Super -G 4, 4 combination
  • Vail 1989: 1st Giant Slalom, Slalom 2, 2, combination
  • Saalbach 1991 1st slalom, third combination, 7 Giant Slalom

World Cup ratings

Vreni Schneider has won the World Cup three times (1989, 1994, 1995 ), plus eleven more wins in discipline ratings.

  • 1984/85 season: 9th overall, 3rd giant slalom
  • Season 1985/86: 3rd overall, 1st Giant Slalom, 5 combination, 7 Slalom
  • Season 1986/87: 2nd overall, 1st Giant Slalom, 2nd combination, 4th Slalom, Super-G 6
  • 1987/ 88: 5th overall, 2nd Slalom, Giant Slalom 3rd, 5th combination
  • Season 1988/89: 1st overall, 1st Giant Slalom, Slalom 1st, 3rd combination
  • 1989/90 season: 6th overall, 1st Slalom, Giant Slalom 5
  • Season 1990/91: 3rd overall, 1st Giant Slalom, Slalom 5
  • 1991/92 season: 4th overall, 1st Slalom, Giant Slalom 2nd
  • 1992/93 Season: 6th overall, 1st slalom
  • Season 1993/94: 1st overall, 1st Slalom, Giant Slalom 2nd, 5th combination
  • Season 1994/95: 1st overall, 1st Giant Slalom, Slalom 1st, 2nd combination

Victories in World Cup race

Vreni Scheider has won 55 World Cup races (20 Giant Slalom, Slalom 34, 1 combination ). In addition, 27 second places and 18 third places.


Giant Slalom


Other successes

  • 9 Swiss championships: 4x Giant Slalom: 1987, 1989, 1991, 1994
  • 5x Slalom: 1988, 1989, 1993, 1994, 1995


  • Sportswoman of the Year: 1988, 1989, 1991, 1994, 1995
  • Skieur d'Or: 1994 and 1995
  • Swiss snow Sportswoman of the century