Vrsi ( ital: Verche ) is a village in Croatia.

Vrsi ( in Old Croatian " na vrhu ", plural of ' hill, on the hill " ) is a former fishing village. Today it lives mainly from tourism and is located 6 km northeast of the oldest city in Croatia Nin, which is known for the smallest cathedral in the world. Geographically, it is located at the northernmost end of Dalmatia. Vrsi belongs to the Zadar County, since 2011 but a separate municipality and manages itself

The old village Vrsi is mainly inhabited by the elderly, the young and the newcomers are settling primarily in Vrsi- Mulo. The largest local employer is the contractor MARAS doo In Vrsi there is a school named Petar Zoranić.


Vrsi was founded in the 13th century. The first written records date from the years 1387 and 1488th in the Turkish wars, the town was destroyed several times and eventually built about 1 km further east again.