Vsauce includes a series of YouTube channels that Michael Stevens and other " YouTubers " are produced. The channels are for her many, mostly scientific topics, are known.

  • 2.1 Vsauce2
  • 2.2 Vsauce3
  • 2.3 WeSauce


The Vsauce username was registered on July 30, 2007 on YouTube. On June 24, 2010 Michael Stevens opened the main channel: Vsauce. Initially, the channel consisted of a series of videos about computer games and was moderated by different people. Won with the time channels such as " IMG " more and more popularity and Michael Stevens became the main initiator. Under him, the channels with the information and online news developed further. Above all, the school and educational videos found more and more popular. Since 9 September 2012, a fully dedicated to education program called " DOT " is produced. According to the 18th episode of Luet the name Vsauce with the "fake website generator " ( www.fakenamegenerator.com ) was created.

On 7 December 2007, and opened in 2007 Vsauce2 Vsauce3 on December 24. The channel WeSauce was opened on 25 July 2012.

Vsauce was one of the fastest growing channels of September, 2012. During the same month, the channel reached the figures of 1 million subscribers. Also appeared at that time Bill Nye in one of the videos on which turned the joke: " Why did the chicken cross the road? "


As of February 9, 2014


The main channel Vsauce is by Michael Stevens to discuss various topics and questions such as " Why do we dream? " ( Why do we dream? ) Or " How big can a human get? " ( How big can a man be? ) Used.

These videos were published on various other Internet platforms such as the Huffington Post, CBS, and Gizmodo.


The channel Vsauce2 includes six different segments all of which have to do with knowledge and technology. The six segments are: FAK, BiDiPi, WAC, 54321, and BOAT. Dear Kevin is the main moderator of this channel.


Vsauce3 deals mainly with the theme: Video Games. There are currently five different sub- channels are performed under this channel: Headshot, Game Luet, DONG App All Knight, 9bit and Fact Surgery. This channel will be moderated mainly by Jake Roper.

Headshot of a segment in the video games and their connection is to be examined to real life. Game Luet shows specifics of the advertising of appropriate video games. DONG, which stands for ( Things to ) Do Online Now, Guys, presents any kind of special websites from around the world. App All Knight deals with apps in the App Store which older can be purchased at Google Play. 9bit leads to more facts about video games. In "Fact Surgery" video game consoles are broken down into component parts and provided with relevant facts.


WeSauce is a channel that was created for the fans of Vsauce and presenting their work. The channel maintains, among other things, the segment "Your BiDiPi ".


Most videos of Vsauce decide for the background music back to the title by Jake Chudnow. All three channels use Chudnows music. The most used piece Chudnows is: "Moon Men" and is played in almost every question by Michael Stevens to spectators.