VÅ¡echovice (Brno-Country District)

Všechovice ( German Wschechowitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located five kilometers northeast of Tišnov and belongs to Okres Brno- venkov.


Všechovice is located at the junction of Hornosvratecká Highlands to Bosko brázda. The village is situated at the southern foot of the Čihadlo (453 m) at the Bach Všechovický Brook, which flows east of the village in the Lubě. North-east rises the Vinohrad (411 m), to the east the Paní hora (395 m ) south of the Horky (340 m ) in the southwest of Vinohrad (372 m ) west of Nad díly ( 439 m) and in the northwest of Stanovisko ( 484 m).

Neighboring towns are Unín and Hluboké Dvory in the north, Újezd ​​The Black Hory in the northeast, Skalička and Lažany in the east, Nuzířov the southeast, Malhostovice and Drásov in the south, Tišnov in the southwest, Iron and Stanovisko in the west and Samotín, Hajánky and Hájek in the northwest.


Archaeological finds indicate a prehistoric settlement since the Neolithic period. So below the Vinohrad and in the hallway V Rybnících finds were made from the Linear Pottery culture. During the preparations for the construction of the autobahn in Vienna Wroclaw in June 1941 findings from the Moravian Painted Ceramic culture were made.

The first written mention of the village Oztetchowcki took place in 1233 in the founding document of the monastery Porta Coeli by Dowager Queen Constance. Since that time, the place always belonged to the monastery. Another reference is found in a document Wenceslas I in the year 1240. Všechovice In was a cloistered courtyard and wine was temporarily on Vinohrad grown. In 1666 the village was out of the yard and 15 property. Under the abbess of Benigna Deblín 1721 was a repair of the court. 1782 the monastery was in the course of Josephine reforms abolished by Emperor Joseph II and provided the goods under the administration of the Bohemian crown. This sold the reign Porta Coeli 1799 William Mundy. In 1793 the village consisted of 26 houses and 255 inhabitants had. 1821 sold by John Mundy the rule of Frederick Schell of Wittinghoff.

After the abolition of patrimonial Všechovice formed in 1850 a municipality in the district of Brno team. Since November 1, 1896 Všechovice belonged to the newly formed District Commission Tischnowitz. During the German occupation took place east of the town works for the construction of the autobahn in Vienna Wroclaw. Between 1944 and 1945, there was in the woods around Skalička and Všechovice one of the centers of the partisan movement in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. From Skalička acted from the requirement imposed by General Luža III. Czechoslovak shock Company. After the dissolution of Okres Tišnov Všechovice was the beginning of the Okres Brno- venkov assigned in 1961 and at the same time incorporated Skalička. In 1971, this incorporation was lifted. Since 2003 Všechovice leads a coat of arms and banners.

Community structure

For the community Všechovice no districts are reported.


  • Chapel of St.. Ann
  • Several crosses
  • Coat of Arms of Benigna abbess of Deblín attached with the repair of the court in 1721 at the house No. 14, it comes from the cloister and was
  • Ruins of Castle Trmačov, northeast of the village, it has survived as the seat of Vladiken Ondřej Trmačov since 1305. Since 1466 the castle is considered to be desolate. The walls were later eroded by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages as a building material. Are preserved remains of walls of the keep.
  • Memorial stone for the company partisans of General Luza, built in 1946 in the forest north of the town