VSFT G 322

The locomotive MaK G 322 is a diesel-hydraulic locomotive for light and medium heavy shunting and light transfer service, which was built by Maschinenbau Kiel ( MaK), 1996-1998. The G 322 counts at MaK the 3rd type program. It was further built in the 4th type program after the acquisition of Vossloh MaK by almost unchanged as G 400 B. Their wheel arrangement is B. She has an output of 390 kW and reaches a maximum speed of 60 km / h Your service weight is 40 tonnes.

Especially for shunting locomotive with remote control, automatic shunting, a turbo reversing transmission with hydrodynamic braking and a speed constant is equipped.

In German Vehicle Register the series number 98 80 3352 was awarded for this design.

DB Class 352

A locomotive was leased from the German Bahn AG and was there the company number 352001-2.


25 locomotives were built for the Danish State Railways (DSB ). They were designated as Series MK (II ) 601-625 queued there.

2001, the locomotives were MK 604-624 passed to Railion Danmark A / S. MK 625 remained with DSB and is used in København H ( Belvedere).

MK 601 was sold to the Mittelweserbahn 2002, 602 and 603 in the same year went to Vossloh rail vehicle GmbH, Kiel.

2008 MK sold 604, 605, 607 and 608 to Germany, MK 605, and 608 were purchased from northrail 2009. The whereabouts of the MK 606 is unknown.

2009 was again a change of ownership with the transition from Railion Danmark A / S on the current company DB Schenker Rail Danmark Services. MK 609 and MK 611-624 have since been used from there.

2013 gave Schenker Rail Services announced MK 611, 612, 617 and 618 of north rail from.