The abbreviation stands for VSS:

  • United State Schools for Free and Applied Art, Berlin
  • The Association of Swiss student bodies
  • The transport company Saxon Switzerland
  • The version control program Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  • The Volume Shadow Copy Service Microsoft Windows
  • The Saturday evening show Understand fun?
  • Vogt- Spielmeyer Stick disease, an older name for the Batten Disease.
  • The Swiss Association of Pest Control
  • The Association of Swiss lace makers
  • Volatile suspended solids, a characteristic size of the wastewater treatment
  • Association of South Tyrolean Sports Clubs, Sports Clubs Association of South Tyrol
  • The investor group Veronis Suhler Stevenson International Ltd..

The abbreviation stands for Vss:

  • The negative supply voltage of an integrated circuit and the field effect transistor, see voltage designation
  • The peak- to-peak value of a voltage curve
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