VT Group

VT Group was a shipbuilding company based in Portsmouth and Southampton, ISIN GB0031729733.


The company was founded in 1966 as Vosper Thornycroft from the merger of the shipyard Vosper & Co. in Portsmouth at Solent, with the resident in Woolston, Southampton shipyard John I. Thornycroft & Co. The former Vosper shipyard was famous for its boat building, while Thornycroft was for the construction of destroyers and other bigger ships.

It began with the development of hovercraft and presented the 1968 75 -ton ship type " Hovercraft VT1 " before, which reached a top speed of 40 knots.

On 1 July 1977, the shipyard group was incorporated in the State British Shipbuilders Corporation. After a management buy -out in 1985 was the re-privatization under the old name ( Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister from May 1979 to November 1990, privatized many state-owned enterprises ).

Vosper Thornycroft succeeded by 2010 in order to survive in difficult economic times. It did not rely solely on the changeable market in the war ship, but also diversified into related industries.

From 2002 Vosper Thornycroft was renamed as ' VT Group '.

In 2010, the VT Group was taken over and broken up by Babcock.