Vlaamse Televisie Maatschappij ( German: Flemish Television Company ) is one of the Vlaamse Media Maatschappij ( VMMa ) radiated private channels for the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The seat of vtm and VMMa is Vilvoorde, a suburb of Brussels. The slogan is " VTM kleurt per dag " (literally: VTM colors your day).


Vtm went on the air in 1989 after the Flemish government legalized private television in 1987 by the Kabeldecreet. This was also established that the ultimate organizer of the program would initially have a monopoly. It was also determined that the new station receives no terrestrial frequencies. As Belgium at that time already had a wiring density of over 90 percent, this was not felt by the new program organizers as a burden. In fact, vtm was until early 2006 exclusively in the Flemish and Brussels cable network receivable. Since 2006, you can see the sender also digitally via ASTRA about the range of TV Vlaanderen.

In 1995, despite the monopoly a second commercial broadcaster in the Flemish cable, VT4. In order to circumvent the monopoly, sending to a UK authorization from London. Only when the Flemish government realized that very well could exist several private channels simultaneously alongside the public system, a Belgian license was issued. In response launched the VMMa Ka2 (now 2BE ), which should be a commercial counterweight to public broadcasters canvas, with an emphasis on educational programs and documentaries. The idea flopped and KANAALTWEE was henceforth mainly popular American series and feature films.

In March 2007, vtm beamed as the first entry in Flanders a program in HDTV format.

In February 2008, a relaunch: The station vtm was given a new, more contemporary logo. The vtm brand has since been communicated lowercased. The transmitter KANAALTWEE was in 2BE (pronounced as "to be" ) renamed.


In the initial period market share of over 40 percent were not uncommon. It should be noted that vtm virtually unrivaled sent for: Flemish viewers had at the time the choice is between two public service programs, the public broadcasters in the Netherlands or operators in other neighboring countries.

Vtm shines today and Others Idool, the Flemish version of Pop Idol, in Germany known as Germany sucht den Superstar, from.

Vtm is now the number 2 of the Flemish TV channels. After years of unchallenged spent vtm on number 1, the public broadcaster Eén conquered ( in German: one) the market for back. The VMMa therefore emphasizes in its press releases like that it is the most-watched channel group Flanders with the vtm offshoots 2BE and JIM. The market share of vtm itself currently between 20 and 25 percent.