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Vuaqava [ βuaŋɡaβa ], also Vuanggava, [Note 1] is an island of coral origin in the Lau archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Politically, it is part of the Eastern Division of the island state of Fiji.


Vuaqava is the Korosee in the southern part of the Lau archipelago, about 5 km north- west of Kabara. The oval-shaped island is almost 5 km long, up to 2 km wide and has an area of 7.7 km ². Vuaqava represents a typical Upscale Atoll, with a steep coast, the former fringing reef of the atoll, as well as a deep -lying inland lake, the rest of the former lagoon. This lake has an area of ​​about 1 km ² and has, since it is connected underground with the sea on a high salinity. Vuaqava reaches a height of 107 m above sea level and is completely surrounded by a coral reef. The island is uninhabited, but is occasionally visited by fishermen from the neighboring island of Kabara.