Vulcan (Hunedoara)

Vulcan ( Wolkersdorf German, Hungarian Zsilyvajdevulkán ) is a city in Romania Hunedoara County.


The city is located about halfway between Lupeni ( Schylwolfsbach ) and Petrosani ( Petro 's ). On the National Road (Drum National) DN 66 and the river Jiul de Vest, Vulcan is located approximately 100 kilometers south of the county capital Deva ( Deva ) away. The Vulcan Pass connects the upper Jiu Valley with Lesser Wallachia.


Since 1462 is documented on the territory of Wolkersdorf a settlement. In 1954, Vulcan became a town in 2003 finally declared a municipium.

Ethnic composition

Wolkersdorf in which since the 19th century mining activity, was settled by miners of different ethnicities. This is partly due to the case today.

Legend of the discovery of coal

The coal deposits in the region were discovered in 1788, when the Austrian General Landau Wolkersdorf defended against Ottoman attackers. One night, when the soldiers campfire could not delete, they poured underlying "ground" on the fire, and the coal caught fire. Landau realized that he could stop the Turks without a fight by piling coal on the fire. The Ottomans noticed the many fires on the heights. They thought that the Austrian army was much bigger than her and withdrew.


  • Ştefan Onisie (1925-1984), the Romanian football player and coach
  • Palotay Sándor (born 25 September 1926 in Lupény; † August 5, 1979 in Budapest) was a Hungarian Adventist theologian, preacher, writer, club manager and peace activist


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