VV Humann Essen

The VV Humann Essen- Steele eV is a volleyball club from the district Steele, who is represented in the 2nd German Volleyball Bundesliga Nord.


First it was only the successful school team of Carl- Humann -Gymnasium, from the 1967 Volleyball Club Humann Essen was founded. After the youth work was intensified, the VV Humann in 1976 made ​​the first ever German youth championship. The male 's youth won the title this year. 1999, the club rose from the Regionalliga in the second Bundesliga, in which the team had ever played until 1998. After the 2002/ 03 season, the " Humänner " were first class. After relegation in 2003/ 04, the team succeeded in the following season the immediate resurgence. Once again, the VV Humann could not hold the class. As Table ninth the team had at the end of the 2005/06 season in the play-offs, where the descent was sealed.

Since the 2006/07 season, the club plays with the exception of 2012/ 13 in the 2nd Bundesliga Nord and reached three times the third and even fourth place in the final table. In the game year 2010/ 11, the volleyball players from Steele Seventh were. In the 2011/12 season the club from North Rhine- Westphalia finished in twelfth place and dismounted in the newly created Third League West. 2013 succeeded as vice-champion of the immediate resurgence.


From last year's team are Tobias and Oliver Schroer Kuhlmann no longer there. New Items are Timm Ernst from Tecklenburg and Daniel Noll man from Bonn.

New head coach is last year's assistant coach Christoph Happe. His predecessor Falko Hildebrand support him. Jens Bräkling, which still belonged to the squad in the third division, acts as a scout and another assistant coach. The team of Dr. Martin Tschuck and physiotherapist Thomas Hendricks is managed medically.


In the 2013/14 season, the VV Humann food with thirteen opponents must deal with.

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