VVV called:

  • VVV Nederland, Vereniging voor Vreemdelingenverkeer - Association of Dutch tourist offices, see Tourism in the Netherlands
  • Transport Association Vogtland, a traffic group in Saxony
  • Transport Association Vorarlberg, a traffic group in Austria
  • VVV Plauen, Plauen eV Vogtländischer volleyball club
  • VVV Venlo, a Dutch football club from Venlo
  • The Swiss Transport Insurance Regulation
  • VVV (magazine), a surrealist magazine in New York City
  • People Alliantie Voor Vooruitgang, a party in Suriname
  • Verenigde Volksvergadering, the United People's Assembly of Suriname, see the National Assembly of Suriname
  • Foundation for avoiding traffic victims e.V.
  • Burning, scalding, poisoning in the First Aid
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